About Us


Explorent car hire is a newly established firm with a rapid growth rate that operates in the field of car rental services.
The principal aim of the company is the delivery of high quality services while staying true to the needs and expectations of the customers.
The services are to be addressed for customers from all over the globe either their visit to the island of Crete is for business, or pleasure.
 The company consists of a dynamic team of reputable associates ready to implement anything related to vehicle rental and provide you with any other service whether it concerns the vehicle or information or any other help.
Explorent’s vision is to constantly raise the quality standards of fleet and services offered while always having competitive prices. Offering a service to the modern renter and supporting perfectly is the highlight of the company’s mindset.

The company’s ascending progression is as a result of:


Fully trained staff in the fields of engineering, IT, fleet management and personnel.

Years of experience in customer service.

Knowledge and continuous monitoring of the market and competition.

Our customer-centric approach.

The satisfied range of partners (hotel units – agencies – external partners).

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