Terms & Conditions


Our company offers you both FDW and TP insurance, free of charge. A prerequisite for the above is the timely briefing of our office as well as the presentation of the accident report and the police report.

Our vehicles have full insurance coverage for passengers, fire protection as well as theft except for the negligence of the renter.


The driver must carry a valid legal driving license, Greek, European or International, in accordance with the Vienna Treaty. In addition, the driving license must be in force for at least one year and its holder must be over 23 years of age. Driving from a second person is free of charge, provided it is stated at the rental company.


Your reservation can be canceled without any extra charge up to 48 hours before the pickup.

You can contact for anything you need and deliver / pick up your car from 8:00 until 22:00. If you wish the car to be delivered or received after hours, additional indicative costs of 15 euros will be added.


The tenant must check the condition of the vehicle upon receipt and the fuel level. He has to return it at the same condition and with the same amount of fuel as it was delivered.


The vehicle must not be used for the transportation of commercial products and goods and re-renting it, is forbidden. Vehicle usage is only

allowed on the asphalt road network of Crete, not on dirt roads and only within the island.

The insurance does not include the underside and the tires of the vehicle as well as any damage caused by the driver’s negligence. Any damage to the underside as well as broken clutch disc, scratches, tweezers, cigarette burns, torn tires etc. charge the tenant.


All our vehicles are equipped with a temporary spare wheel. Changing it in the event of a flat tire is the sole responsibility of the tenant, it is not covered by road assistance and the company bears no responsibility. In the case of normal wear and tear of the tire, the driver is relieved of any cost, which is covered by the company. The tenant must immediately inform the company, immobilize his vehicle and proceed to the replacement with the spare wheel, as driving with a flat tire is forbidden. Driving with the reserved wheel involves the transport of the vehicle to the permanent tire restoration area, persistent driving using the reserved wheel is forbidden and the costs incurred are borne by the tenant.


Loss of keys is the responsibility of the tenant and the cost is borne by the tenant. The amount varies depending on the rental vehicle.


During the rental period, any violation of the driving laws, fine and any penalties that arise will be borne entirely by the tenant.

The rental contract records all the services and additional services at the respective rates. VAT 24% (local taxes) is already included in the rental price of the vehicle.


The personal information of the tenants required in the process of booking a car on our website is strictly confidential.

In the case of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the tenant takes full responsibility.



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