Matala, Heraclion, Crete

Matala is a very special touristic destination relying on coach tours and summer visitors. A beautiful fishing village, just 75 km south-west of Heraklion, Crete. Part of the community of Pitsidia within the unit of Festos, Heraklion. In the 60’s, the caves were occupied by hippies that spread their unconventional culture and ideas to the area, celebrating peace and love openly.  This was a bit too revolutionary for Crete at the time and so the military and the church along with the locals made sure that the hippies left the area.
Matala’s hippie history truly relives during the 3 days Matala Beach Festival (since2011 )
This extrordinary destination is one of just over 400 beaches in Greece that have been awarded a Blue Flag. This Blue flag is an offiial eco-label, given to beaches that offer cleanliness, safe bathing areas and strict criteria when dealing with water quality, environmental management and safety. Half the beach is covered by trees, leading the eye on to the background which is an impressive mountain formation of sandstone rock cliffs and of course the famous caves you can climb up to and get chills from the hippie vibes and the amazing view of the Libyan sea and the horizon. 
At the beach you will find sport facilities, restaurants, a camping area, bars, a super market as well as activities for children.
The hippies Festival is organised every year in June. 3 days full of live concerts and art events, to celebrate peace, love and summer.
 Matala Festival is on 21 ,22 and 23rd of June ,2019. 
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Matala beach festival